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About ResourcePharm

Resourcepharm is a directory containing useful links for the pharmacist and pre-reg pharmacist. These links have been compiled for the purpose of helping you find information that is relevant and practical, which will also help you in your career, training and education.

The purpose of starting this website was that we wanted to make it easier and quicker for you to find pharmacy or clinical information or the answers to your problems. We found that searching the web was time consuming and sometimes we did not find what we are looking for. As well as this, there are many websites out there with useful content for the pharmacy community and keeping track of so many may prove to be difficult. So we decided to develop a website that addresses this. Resourcepharm is an online resource portal aimed at helping you find information quickly and easily from one place.

All our links are categorised under the relevant pharmacy subjects to make what you are looking for a bit easier. The clinical section can be found on our sister website, The website is useful to help you find answers to drug and clinical problems, keep up to date with the latest clinical guidelines and common clinical practices that occur or when undertaking continuing professional development. Across other areas of the website, you can find the latest pharmacy and medical news and information and resources on pharmacy law and ethics, delivering pharmacy services, counselling patients and promoting health and much more. In the pre-reg section of this website we have also included practical and useful articles and information on getting through the pre-reg year which we have published ourselves.

We are continually adding new links to our websites, so visit us regularly for new content and don’t forget to bookmark us.

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