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Medicines Causing Urine Colour Changes

Listed below are some medicines that may discolour the urine

  • Senna – red/yellow
  • Dantron containing preparations e.g. co-danthramer, co-danthrusate – red
  • Sulfasalazine – yellow-orange
  • Phenindione – pink/orange
  • Triamterene containing preparations e.g. co-triamterzide, Frusene – blue in some lights
  • Levodopa containing preparations e.g. co-beneldopa, co-careldopa  – reddish/darker in colour
  • Entacapone – reddish-brown
  • Nefopam – pink
  • Clofazimine – red
  • Nitrofurantoin – yellow/brown
  • Rifabutin – orange-red
  • Rifampicin – orange-red
  • Deferiprone – reddish-brown


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