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Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to avoid or use with caution in glaucoma

Below are some medicines that are available OTC that should be avoided or used with caution in people with glaucoma.

  • Antihistamines
    • Chlorphenamine (e.g. Piriton)
    • Diphenhydramine (e.g. Benylin Chesty Coughs [Original])
    • Promethazine hydrochloride (e.g. Sominex)
    • Promethazine teoclate (e.g. Avomine)
    • Triprolidine (e.g. Multi-Action Actifed Dry Coughs)
    • Buclizine (e.g. Migraleve Pink)
    • Antazoline (e.g. Otrivine Antistin Eye Drops)
  • Phenothiazine
    • Prochlorperazine (e.g. Buccastem M)
  • Anticholinergics
    • Hyoscine hydrobromide (e.g. Kwells)
    • Hyoscine butylbromide (e.g. Buscopan IBS Relief)
  • Corticosteroids
    • Beclometasone (e.g. Beconase Hayfever Nasal Spray)
    • Fluticasone (e.g. Pirinase Hayfever Nasal Spray)
    • Triamcinolone (e.g. Nasacort Allergy Nasal Spray)


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